Marie-Josée Ouimet is a very well-known and active member of the Franco-Albertan cultural community. A defining performance during the 1997 Gala Albertain, and another that same year at Vancouver’s Chant’Ouest for which she garnered the Prix du Public (Audience Favorite) Award, brought her to the attention, and into the hearts, of her many fans. Multi-talented and always in demand, her solo career as a singer songwriter is matched by her work as a professional choir director and voice instructor.

On Marie-Josée’s previous albums, Mon clair de lune (2000) and Parce que... (2003), she revealed a warm and clear voice that made the most of beautiful, and often poignant, lyrics and melodies. Throughout her career, her energetic and powerful performances have gained her the recognition of her peers and an ever-growing audience.

Her third album, L'heure bleue (2010), is both more personal and mature. With intimate lyrics and a more confident tone, Marie-Josée ventures into the Blues world, to produce an album that reveals a woman who has found her place, her rhythm, and her soul, and is willing to share them simply and truthfully.

Sensitive, generous and authentic she is a self-described “rockeuse de bonne famille”. For live performances, Marie-Josée performs as part of a dynamic trio with guitar and bass.

“In my opinion, the most moving song of the evening was Mon clair de lune, written by the France Levasseur-Ouimet, probably because of the song’s delicate choral arrangement, because of the group’s fine performance under the direction of Laurier Fagnan, the Franco-albertan choir director, and because of the superb voice of the young soloist (Marie-Josée Ouimet).”

— Richard Boisvert, Le Soleil de Québec

“Marie-Josée Ouimet has an inviting voice full of nuances. Seeing her on stage is sharing with her a magical musical moment. Accompanied by her guitarist and her bassman, her voice flows from within, taking on warm tones for the sad songs and filling with mischief for the humerous ones.”

— Québec Pop

“At 23, Marie-Josée already has two CD’s, a compilation CD and a one-woman show. What more can you want ... She also teaches voice, directs a choir and a vocal ensemble. She is voice, personality and energy.”

— Louise Beaudoin, Zof Montréal

“Here is a second gift from a young francophone singer from Western Canada. Marie-Josée Ouimet seduces with “Parce que...”. She signs her CD with the message “A second CD, a second thank you”. I sincerely believe that we should be the ones to thank her for this little jewel of love and tenderness for our musical ear.”

— Marc Lalonde, Can-Rock Québec